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"I have so enjoyed working with Ingela. She re-inspired my love for singing and invigorated me to hone in on what I want do with my singing career at this point in my life, all while aiding me in finding ways to release my mental and emotional fears around singing. This helped give me the direction I needed actually achieve my goals."

Mezzo-Soprano and Alexander Technique Instructor




"I was extremely fortunate to coach with Ingela two times a month in my second to last semester of graduate school at Baylor University. Being a vocal performance major is not easy, but Ingela helped me to not only improve my social and environmental health here at Baylor, but also my mental and emotional wellness regarding my vocal performance anxiety and my struggles with self-doubt. As a performer, I always knew what I did not want to see in myself; however, I could never fully understand and act on what exactly I DID want in terms of successful performances, growth as a musician and confidence in who I am as a performer. Ingela helped me create several, solid objectives to work towards as a musician, and I saw growth in myself as early as the week after our first session because I was effectively working towards what I did want (to be a courageous, calm and confident musician on stage) every day. I not only grew as a performer, but I also grew as an impressionable, young adult. Ingela is kind, professional and genuinely cared about my well-being and success not only as a performer but also as a human being. She is a fantastic coach! Thank you, Ingela!!!"




"My work with Ingela was instrumental in my successful audition season this year. Our work together unlocked tools I already possessed and allowed me to be courageous in stressful audition/performance situations. As a singer, Ingela understands the artist’s mindset and the required vulnerability needed to create something of substance. Under her guidance, I regained focus during my practice sessions, reawakened my desire to create meaningful music, and restored the courage needed to make bold choices. I am grateful to have worked with her!"



"Working with Ingela is a delight. She naturally creates a trusting atmosphere where ideas and insights can thrive, and her guidance and reflections are both knowledgeable and deeply caring. Ingela has truly helped me have a greater understanding of myself and my journey in life, and her coaching has brought me peace in a time of transition. I will continue to use her as a resource as I go along creating my life. Thank you, Ingela!"

Soprano and Alexander Technique Instructor