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Work with me in 1:1 coaching

My Six-Month Coaching Program includes:
  • Access to the Courageous Artistry specialized coaching platform where we will set goals, track progress, provide accountability, and communicate in between sessions

  • Access to the Video Library, which contains long-form workshops, expert interviews, and shorter-form skill-building videos 

  • Recommended reading list: I'm always reading and collecting information on all topics that pertain to well-being, high performance, and performance psychology

  • A Welcome Gift picked especially for you

  • Twelve (12)  sixty-minute private coaching sessions focusing on achieving your unique goals

To learn more, sign up for a free 30-minute consultation call to see if we're a good fit.

Coaching is a great fit for you if.....

You need tools and skills to improve your public speaking.

You are sick of listening to your inner critic.

You are ready to invest in taking things to the next level in your career and life.

You are tired of trying to figure it out on your own.

You have lots of skills, knowledge, and abilities but you have trouble moving forward.

You are ready to take action towards your dreams.

You thrive with accountability and encouragement.

Coaching may NOT be a great fit for you if.....

You want a quick fix (there are no quick fixes, change takes time and intentionality)!

You want to remain comfortable in current thoughts, habits, and beliefs (in order to grow, we have to get a little uncomfortable).

You are not ready to take some calculated risks (if we want to be excellent, we have to take some risks)!

You want to stay focused on what went wrong in the past (while the past is important, we have to look to what we can do differently in the future).

To learn more about the difference between coaching and therapy, read this post.

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