Don't let ANXIETY get in the way of sharing your art with the world

Ingela Onstad



I believe you landed here for a reason. You chose the life of a performer because you love what you do.......or you did at one point and would like to feel that way again.


But now you’ve reached a point where your fears have become such a stumbling block that you’ve gone down the internet rabbit-hole to seek guidance.


Or perhaps you crave the life of a performer but your fears hold you back from stepping onto this desired path. You’re tired of sitting on the sidelines and you’re ready to move forward.


Maybe the phrase “impostor syndrome” resonates with you. 

Perhaps you have stood in the wings, stricken with terror and wanting to flee. You’ve diligently learned, practiced, rehearsed but you still are overcome with “nerves” or “stage fright.”

I want to help you on your path to Courageous Artistry, whether you are a musician, actor, dancer, or public speaker.


I’m a professional singer, voice teacher, licensed mental health therapist, and performance anxiety coach. I’ve battled my own fears as a performer and helped clients battle theirs - I’m here to tell you there’s a way out. There’s a future waiting for you where you can reclaim the joy and ease that you seek.


I’d love to guide you on this journey of growth and transformation.

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